Speed Air Logistic started back 10 years ago in under supervision SURINDER SINGH NARULA-DIRECTOR with a vision to provide the best logistic services in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR .It become a strong competitor in logistic Industry and have emerged as most promising courier service provider of Gurgaon. Speed Air Logistic pvt.ltd.is India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply chain solution. We have our own network operations spread throughout India. The company got its corporate identity and established in 2004 and started with 2 offices in Delhi & Gurgaon. With plans of nation wide network now it is operating as intra-city mailers for logistic division. Speed Air Logistics' advantage of seamless connectivity across air, road and train. With Presence of more than 15 offices in India, It has eligible with its short and long route surface and air operations to all major connected cities. We are here to help our customers as per there requirements. Honest commitment helps us achieve the common goal i.e. Successful.

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